August 10, 2014

2014 DJBA Classic

August 2nd-3rd wrapped up the 2014 DJBA season in a 2 day tournament held at Cedar Creek and Varner. David and Scott were our Classic champions with a 2 day combined weights of 34.10lbs. The team also had Big Fish for both days with a nice 4.80lb Cedar Creek fish and a 9.30lb Varner hawg. Blake and Chris put together a solid bag with a combined weight of 24.64lbs for 2nd place overall. Troy and Rick came in a very close 3rd place with their 2 day sack worth 24.16lbs. A big congratulations goes out to the top 3 teams, and a big Thank You goes out to everyone that fished with us and contributed to the club. 2014 was a great year for Dixie.

Creek Weight
Big Fish Weight
Varner Weight
Big Fish weight
Total Weight
Brandon Sanders
Chris Cutsail


Troy Potts
Rick Cruz


David Ruark
Scott Edwards
Aaron Ratliff
Derek Hunter


Steve Garmon
Joey Upton


Jason Burkholder
Bobby Hood


Jack Butler
Seth Feltner

Danny Colquitt
Billy Stanley


Blake Yater
Chris Peters


Nick Skinner
Trey Crenshaw


June 27, 2014

Bear Creek 3....2014 Finale

3 teams went into Bear Creek fighting to come out on top for the overall points winner for this year. 29 points is all that seperated the 3 teams. The team of Burkholder/Hood came from 3rd place and that 29 point deficit and blew everyone out of the water winning not only the overall points, but the tourney and big fish honors for the day with a 21.40lbs sack and a 5.88 big fish. Danny Colquitt and Billy Stanley had 16.05lbs for 2nd place for the day. And Blake Yarter and Wayne Glaze brought in a 12.41lbs sack for 3rd place. A big congrats go out to Jason Burkholder and Bobby Hood, great year guys!

June 13, 2014

2014 DJBA Top 10 Fish Off

August 2-3 will be the dates for the 2 day fish off. Top 10 will fish both days at 2 separate lakes where accumulative weight will prove a winner.

The NEW Varner???

Varner with no grass??? Blasphemy!! Well its true, with efforts from the carp to the spraying when the lake was down has taken full effect on what used to be a full blown grass lake has now made us scratch our head. Yet, good bags of Varner bass where caught, along with one of the giants that live there. David Ruark and Chris York seem to have adapted rather quickly to the change, weighing in a 22.10lbs sack with a 9.38lbs monster as the kicker. 2nd place team was Nick Skinner and Trey Crenshaw with a 17.36lbs 5 fish limit of lake Varner bass. Mark and Chris Lozynsky's 17.05lbs bag put them in 3rd place for the day. Bear Creek will be a shoot out between the top 3 teams, which are separated by only 30 points.

May 27, 2014

Fort Yargo

Man!! Tough, does not even start to describe the tourney day we had out there. 19 boats showed up and all 19 fished their butts off. Dakota Parnell and Kendall Birkett won it with 5 fish that weighed 10.74lbs. Troy Potts and Rick Cruz had 3 fish for 6.67lbs to take 2nd place. Aaron Ratliff and Derek Hunter's 5 fish limit of 6.59lbs got them 3rd place. Big Bear Rods, big fish of the day was a nice 5.82lb fish caught out of the Burkholder/Hood boat.

May 11, 2014

Stone Mountain being Stingy!!

Low weights plagued DJBA at the Rock this tourney. Post spawn lull maybe........? Who knows? Chris and Randy took 1st place honors weighing in a massive 5 fish limit for a total of 10.99lbs. Dana and Chase Holder worked hard for their 2nd place finish and for their 10.86lbs 5 fish sack.
Blake Yarter and his partner weighed in 5 fish for 9.48lbs to take 3rd place. Big Bear Rods Big fish award went to Randy Short and his 3.59lber.

April 28, 2014

Bear Creek # 2

Congrats to Charlie Dick and Dana Holder for the win at Bear Creek. Their 5 fish limit weighed 13.50lbs. Jason Burkholder and Bobby Hood placed 2nd with a total weight of 13.13lbs. Troy Potts and his partner for the day came in 3rd place with 12.61lbs. Lucky me, caught the big fish of the day with a 5.54lber. High weights were expected by many, but the Bear had other plans, showing that when you think you've got that lake figured out, it will prove you wrong. We raffled off a Lews Speed spool and the lucky guy to have his ticket drawn was Brian Roger


April 13, 2014

Black Shoals Round 2

It was a beautiful day to be on the water, no rain or cold weather to deal with. Spring is finally here. 18 boats showed up to do battle. Chris and myself fished hard and it paid off. Our 5 fish sack weighed in at 17.30lbs along with the big fish of the day at 5.29lbs. Team 6 weighed in 12.50lbs, caught by Bobby Hood and his partner for 2nd place for the day. Jarred Baker and his partner filled the 3rd place spot with a 5 fish limit that weighed 11.00lbs. Big Bear Rods was kind enough to be a sponsor for Dixie this year and we raffled off a 6'9" MF spinning rod and the winner was Brian O'Keefe.

March 30, 2014

The Rock

What was supposed to be a not so fun day with howling winds and a flooding sky, turned out to, yet again, prove that anyone can be the " weatherman".  Turn out was down a little because of the bad forecast but we still had 17 boats show up. Jack Butler and Seth Feltner were the guys to beat. They put together a 19.19lbs sack. Follow up by Justin Crocker and myself at 2nd place with a 16.66lbs limit. Danny Colquitt and his son, Hayden, got 3rd place honors with 15.34lbs, along with the big fish award for the day with an 8.91lbs Stone Mtn giant. The rain held off all day long and waited for the weigh in, we all got soaked. A good day at the Rock! See yall at Black Shoals.

March 16, 2014

Taming the Bear

It was a day for records........setting some and breaking others!
David Ruark and Randy Dover smashed the DJBA and Bear Creek heaviest tourney sack. Coming in first, they weighed in 4 really good fish and one great fish to the tune of 30.63lbs! Their "kicker" fish weighed 11.03lbs. Chris and myself were right on their heels with a 5 fish bag that weighed 28.75lbs. Chris caught his personal best and got big fish honors with an absolute toad, 12.05lbs!! Jason Burkholder and Justin Donaldson came in 3rd with 17.84lbs. It really showed what the lake was capable of producing without having to battle with the slot limit. We raffled off a 7'3" spiral wrapped worm/jig rod and the lucky winner was Sharif Glam. Congrats!

March 4, 2014

Cedar Creek

David Ruark and Scott Edwards came out swinging at Cedar Creek, knocking down a 16.19lbs, 5 fish bag. They also took the big fish award with a 5.66lbs fish. Once again, Nicholas Skinner and Trey Crenshaw fished their way into a 2nd place finish with 4 fish that weighed 10.95lbs. 3rd place honors go to Steve Garmon and Dick Perron for a 5 fish sack that weighed 10.40lbs. DJBA had our first raffle of the year, and the prize was a $100 Academy Sports gift card. The lucky winner was Randy Short. See you guys at The Bear!!

February 22, 2014

Good weights from Black usual

We had 19 boats again at Black Shoals. Steve Garmon and Watt Keller were the guys to beat. They weighed in a winning, 5 fish sack worth 19.86lbs. 2nd place went to Team Ratliff / Hunter with a 17.77lbs limit. 3rd place went to a team that, like Team Ratliff/ Hunter, has proven to be consistent competitors so far. They weighed in a limit worth 16.85lbs. I got to net the big fish of the day with my partner catching a 6.64lbs Black Shoals beauty. See yall at Cedar Creek on March 1st.

February 2, 2014

Good turn out at season opener at Varner

19 boats showed up ready to get the season started. 8 of them seemed to have figured out a way to get bit, the other 11 of us didnt fare too well. Congrats to Blake Yarter and Chris Peters on a great 4 fish sack that pushed the scales to 18.63lbs made up by an 8.08lb kicker for 1st place. 2nd place went to a 2 fish sack with a 7.25lb toad caught by Nick Skinner and Trey Crenshaw. 3rd place honors went to a 1 fish sack but was a 9.26lb Varner giant caught by Aaron Ratliff and Derek Hunter. See y'all at Black Shoals in 2 weeks.

February 6, 2013


All members,

Please remember to fill out a registration form (listed on the right) and bring a printed copy to your first tournament along with your annual Membership dues.

Please take note that all members will sign that they have read, and are responsible for knowing, the 2014 Club Rules. If you haven't done so yet, please make sure you have prior to your first tournament with us.

Looking forward to seeing both new and familiar faces for our 2014 season.